The Gorbachev Foundation of North America

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The core mission of the GFNA is to contribute to the strengthening and spread of democracy and economic liberalization through a program of advocacy, research, and education.  GFNA assembles the world’s most innovative experts to clarify the myriad of issues which all nations confront, and to develop sustainable policies.  A non-partisan organization, GFNA examines the social economic and technological forces that influence democratization.  GFNA was established in April 1997, and is located at Northeastern University in Renaissance Park.  We are a non-profit public charity with 501(c)(3) status.



Mikhail Gorbachev  President

One of the Twentieth Century's most pivotal leaders, as President of the Soviet Union he ended fifty years of nuclear brinkmanship and brought about the end of the Cold War. For his work to reduce international tensions he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990. He has been President of GFNA since he and George Matthews founded it in 1997, and was the Chairman of the founding conference of the Club of Madrid in October, 2001. In addition to his many commitments around the world, he is the founder and President of Green Cross International, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

George J. Matthews  Chairman

Born, raised, and educated in Boston, Mr. Matthews is a graduate of Northeastern University where he is Chairman Emeritus of the Governing Boards. He has been the founder and chief executive of numerous companies, and has been Chairman of GFNA since he founded it with President Gorbachev in 1997.

T. Anthony Jones  Vice President and Executive Director

A professor of sociology at Northeastern University, he has written extensively on Soviet/Russian and East European social, political, and economic afairs, and previously taught at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and at the University of Leicester (UK). He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Club of Madrid, is on the Board of Advisors of FRIDE Fundacion in Spain, and edits two journals.

Amy Miller  Executive Assistant to the Chairman and Executive Director

Amy Miller has a B.S. Degree in Marketing and Studio Art from Providence Collge, and also studied art, language, and international business at Richmond College in Florence, Italy. She is responsible for overseeing the administrative and communications functions of the foundation, as well as for planning logistics for major events.

Alexander Likhotal  Executive Vice President

Alexander Likhotal has served as chief advisor to President Gorbachev for many years, was Deputy Spokesman for the President of the USSR, and has held a number of academic positions in Russia/USSR and the U.S.A. He received his Ph.D in Political Science from the Institute of International Affairs in Moscow, and was chief analyst of NATO politics in the International Department of the Central Committee of the CPSU. He is the Vice President of Green Cross International, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Sheila M. Puffer, Ph.D  Program Director

Sheila M. Puffer is a Professor of International Business at Northeastern University, and is a Fellow at the Davis Center for Russian Studies at Harvard University. She has published extensively on Russian management issues, and has been recognized as the #1 scholar internationally in business and management in Russia, the former Soviet Union, and Eastern Europe based on a study of publications in 12 leading academic journals from 1986-2000.

Robert A. Skelly  Vice Chairman/Founding Director

Robert A. Skelly is a skilled senior executive with broad experience in the areas of general management, contract negotiation and corporate communications. Before assuming his current responsibilities with, Mr. Skelly was a Senior Executive with Raytheon Company, Lexington, MA, where he spent more than 30 years.

Robert P. Walker  Vice Chairman

Robert P. Walker is an acknowledged leader in the Lecture, Marketing and Public Relations fields. He founded American Program Bureau (APB) more than forty years ago, and serves as its Chairman and CEO. APB's client roster includes over 150 distinguished individuals and world figures.

Founding Directors
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George D. Behrakis


Frederick H. Chicos


George G. Chryssis


Diego Hidalgo


Roger M. Marino


Ben Mathis


Ronald L. Rossetti


Robert A. Skelly


Sustaining Directors
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George E. Danis



Senior Fellows
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Graham Allen 

MP Member of Parliament, United Kingdom. Mr. Allen has been elected three times since 1987 as the Member of Parliament for Nottingham North, each time increasing his majority. Since the Labour election victory of 1997 he has been a Government Minister appointed by UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Barry Bluestone 

Russell B. Andree B. Stearns Trustee Professor of Political Economy, Northeastern University, United States

Oleg T. Bogomolov 

He is the Honorary Director, Institute for International Economics and Political Science, Moscow, and has held many academic and political positions in the USSR and Russia during the last three decades. He is the author of more than 400 published works.

Kim Campbell, P.C., Q.C. 

The Right Honourable Kim Campbell served at all three levels of Canadian government and was the first female Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, Minister of Justice and later served as Consul General to the US. She was Chair of the Council of Women World Leaders and President of the International Women's Forum. Currently, she is the Secretary General of the Club of Madrid.

John M. Deutch 

John Deutch is an Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He served as Director of Central Intelligence from May 1995-December 1996, was Deputy Secretary of Defense in 1994-1995, and was Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology in 1993-1994. Professor Deutch has also served as Director of Energy Research (1977-1979), Acting Assistant Secretary for Energy Technology (1979), and Undersecretary (1979-80) in the United States Department of Energy.

Jorge Dominguez 

Grzegorz Ekiert 

Director of the Center for European Studies at Harvard University. Professor of Government, Harvard University, and Senior Faculty Associate at the Center for European Studies.

Jose Maria Figueres Olsen 

Marshall Goldman 

Marshall I. Goldman is the Kathryn W. Davis Professor of Soviet Economics at Wellesley College and the Associate Director of the Davis Center for Russian Studies at Harvard University.

Andrew Graham 

Master, Balliol College, Oxford University

Eugene Habiger 

Until recently General Eugene E. Habiger (U.S. Air Force, Retired) was the Department of Energy's Director of Security and Emergency Operations. As the Department's "Security Czar", he was responsible for implementing the Secretary's security reform plan and oversaw all security functions, including safeguards and security policy, cyber-security, critical infrastructure protection, foreign visits and assignments, and emergency operations functions. He was charged by the Secretary with changing the security culture at DoE and establishing a program to re-energize and restore confidence in the Department's Security Program.

Diego Hidalgo 

Mr. Hidalgo is a Fellow and Member of the Visiting Committee at Harvard University's Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. He is also Chairman of Development Finance Corporation, a consulting and development bank, and of Spain's Fundacion para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Dialogo Exterior (FRIDE). He is the co-founder and a board member of El Pais, Spain's most widely read newspaper.

Michael Intriligator 

Michael D. Intriligator, Ph.D, is Professor of Economics at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He is also Professor of Political Science, Professor of Policy Studies in the School of Public Policy and Social Research, and Co-Director of the Jacob Marschak Behavioral Sciences, all at UCLA. He is a Senior Fellow of both the Milken Institute in Santa Monica. Educated at MIT (SB in Economics,1959; PhD in Economics, 1963) and at Yale University (MA, 1960), he has been at UCLA since 1963, teaching courses in economic theory, econometrics, mathematical economics, International relations, and health economics, and he has received several distinguished teaching awards.

Carl Kaysen 

David W. Skinner Professor of Political Economy, Emeritus Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Byung-Kook Kim 

Byung-Kook Kim is Professor of Political Science, Korea University , Seoul. He is also the Director of the East Asia Institute, a private non-profit organization founded with the goal of transforming East Asia into a society of nations based on democracy, market economy, open society, and peace. He was educated at Harvard University (BA in Economics, 1982; PhD in Political Science, 1988), and currently teaches party politics, methodology, and comparative political theory at Korea University.

Lawrence R. Klein 

Dr. Lawrence R. Klein was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1980, and is Benjamin Franklin Professor of Economics (emeritus) at Penn, where he has been a faculty member since 1958. Dr. Klein previously was affiliated with the University of Chicago, the University of Michigan, Oxford University, and the National Bureau of Economic Research. He holds degrees from the University of California (B.A.), M.I.T. (Ph.D.) and Oxford University (M.A.) and honorary degrees and honorary professorships from more than 30 universities worldwide.

Hanna Suchocka 

Hanna Suchocka was Prime Minister of Poland in 1992-1993, and has been highly active in many national and international organizations during the last decade. She became a member of Solidarity in 1980, since when she has been actively involved in the political life of Poland on many levels, including Minister of Justice. She currently serves as Poland's Ambassador to the Vatican.

Paul Welfens 

Paul J. J. Welfens is professor and chair of the Institute of Macroeconomic Theory and Politics at the University of Wuppertal, Germany. He is also President of European Institute for International Economic Relations (EIIW), Jean Monnet Chair in European Economic Integration at the University of Potsdam, and Fellow of the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS) at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Welfens is a Senior Fellow of the Gorbachev Foundation of North America.